Why unify multiple policies into one , managing them all together on a " trust level," not
policy by policy, even if NOT mandated by regulators or concerned about liability?

Even if not mandated to manage as a whole, unifying the multiple policies can create new
and substantial efficiencies not inherent if policies are only siloized, providing the following benefits:

• Get better results: substantially increasing the likelihood of realizing the policies’ end goal
  estate functionality, as, and when needed,

• Facilitate a better manner of continually (year after year) reducing costs and risks, and
  improving productivity and suitability organically, by: replacing replacement™, as the 
  key tool for policy remediation or optimization,

• Solve more problems and problems of more policies: now you also have solutions for
  those policies that have multiple impairments, that otherwise were not cured year after
  year, that couldn’t be fixed with the inappropriate, or undesirable siloized solutions.

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