Why use OIPM,LLC to help unify policies?

While unifying policies in a trust is the pathway to gain better defensibility, demonstrability, and deliverability, unifying policies creates its own risks, complexities, management inefficiencies, friction and hassles that go well beyond those inherent in managing a sole policy in a trust. 
To extract the maximum potential efficiencies, and to avoid destroying value when trying to add value, requires the use of a time tested apparatus designed exclusively for managing, remediating, and optimizing multiple policies on a trust level. It requires a unique set of domain knowledge, expertise, and experience. 

That’s where we come in; we built the platform to help you gain more Defensibility, Demonstrability, and Deliverability to cover those additional burdens, and also built the process to provide the increased Manageability needed to help you deliver.

Please see "What it takes" to review the critical requisite key multiple policy distinct apparatus elements the application of which, lead to effective results oriented strategies, tactics and implementation.

We have what it takes to deliver the results you want, now.

We have the requisite domain knowledge, expertise, experience, infrastructure, and capacity needed to help you deliver to expectations.

As the innovators of the breakthrough policy unification methodologies are the "best fit" to help you reach your goals.

As an independent fee-for-service firm which offers decision support services only,
and not any products, our interests are totally aligned with yours, and that of the

Our deliverables are: designed as modular bolt-on's, to supplement those of the existing insurance professionals.

Our deliverables are: comprehensive, yet are entirely model scalable allowing you to pick and choose only those deliverables that best fit your needs.

We make getting started easy and risk free.

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