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The following is a list of some of the requisite key multiple policy distinct apparatus elements the application of which, lead to effective results oriented strategies, tactics and implementation:

• system rules engine based on: a distinct logic , underpinning tenets , and underlying theories ,
• set of processes , functions , workflow items, 
• set of standards , policies, procedures , controls, best practices,
• analysis, analytical methodologies, calculations,
• data sources to capture and measure distinct granular data points, and will inform on metrics
          risk points,
• methodologies to address the distinct data sourcing challenges, such as: the limited utility of 
         standard in-force illustrations for generating actionable analytics   ( especially for variable
         universal life policies),
• distinct benchmarking (such as: internal cross policy "best of breed") , and evaluative tools that
         capture the performance level of the portfolio as a whole, to support distinct: valuation ,
         performance measurement, and reporting, 
• conversation , discourse , framework to think through the issues, such as: distinct decision 
         constructs ( adding " putting to highest and best use " across all policies, going beyond
         "hold or fold" ),
• decision trees ( with many more nodes and leaves to support distinct roadmap designs) , and to
          support distinct multi-dimensional decision output,
• set of :cross policy sourcing , utilization , locationing , and rank ordering methodologies,
          including : optimizing policy usefulness/purpose , by pairing and  realigning the existing policies,
• toolbox , tools with distinct feature sets ,
• source of continually ( good year after year) reducing costs and risks, and improving productivity
         and suitability, (especially if: increasing premium, replacing , reducing , life settling coverage is
         not applicable),
• remedy sets and solution menus , and workarounds ( such as: use of synthetics),
• dashboards- to facilitate greater transparency , making the analysis : faster, easier, and more

Furthermore: the distinct apparatus mandates a best fit manager with a distinct set of skills, multi-disciplinary expertise, and real life experiences.

Finally, the set of distinct pre-requisite elements needs to be even more comprehensive if any of the trusts contain policies that are securities based, such as: variable life insurance policies.

We have what it takes to deliver the results you want, now.

We have the requisite domain knowledge, expertise, experience, infrastructure, and capacity.

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