“I actually referred to review of multiple insurance policies on a national internal call.”
Senior Trust and Estate Attorney - Bank Trust Company

“This brings order to chaos.”
Risk Management Attorney

“While it might be an oversimplification, I like to look at their system as applying modern portfolio theory to life insurance as an asset class.”
Trust and Estate CPA

“Extremely analytical stuff that nobody else is doing.”
Certified Trust & Financial Advisor

“No agenda consulting.”

“This isn’t about getting new or different coverage, but really maximizing the benefits
of existing policies.

Private Banker

“They have provided me with a framework to make the difficult decisions that corporate
trustees are faced with all the time.”

TOLI Administration Team Leader
Bank Trust Company

" This is quite a roadmap and extremely thorough." 

" I now believe what you told me up front, what it would look like , now I see how it all worked out."     

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