Initial Assessments/ Gap Analysis / Process Vulnerability Analysis

Process Design, Implementation, and Training

"As a whole" Policy Unification Operationalization:
     • Regulator's Expectations
     • Mission Critical Requisites (such as:
       Processes, Methodologies, Metrics,
       Rules Base, Decision Constructs and
       Decision Trees, Best Practices)
     • Operational Details (Including:
       Configurations, Roadmaps, Solution Sets)

Decision Support for multi-policy trusts:
     • (Active) Policy Management,
     • Remediation, Realignment, and
     • Reporting
     • Annual Administrative Reviews
     • Reg 9 Reviews
     • CALL Reports
     • Pre-Acceptance Reviews
     • Post Acceptance Initial Reviews

Decision Support for: Rebalancing, Repurposing, or Retrenching of trust policies

Audit Support

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