Examples of CONCRETE and DETAILED cross policy prescriptive steps and roadmaps:

"For policy #1: remit only 50% of the (originally) scheduled premium, and remit
200% for policy #2,"

"Migrate $X cash from policy #1 to policy #2, via loans / withdrawal."

Note: Do not attempt to migrate cash from policy to policy without expert advice, as it may result in destroying value (for example: cash value lost at death , such as in Option A), when trying to add value.

"For policy #1: switch the death benefit option , from B to A."

Non-securities based underpinnings only, (based on policy structure , funding, tax treatment testing, and non- sub-account: " best of breed " or expense levels) : "  The best candidate for a tilt to : most aggressive growth , is : policy #1,  the best candidate for a tilt to: least aggressive growth, is: policy #2."

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