Israel M. Lustig, CLU, CFP
President and CEO

                                        Israel Lustig is the innovator of the first independent, rationalized,
                                        multidisciplinary, and trust level Overlay Insurance Portfolio
                                        Management system for trusts comprised of more than one policy,
                                        specifically designed to comply with the: OCC / UTC - State
                                        Specific / UPIA / UPMIFA / ERISA / UMPERS / FINRA
                                        regulations, and ACTEC guidelines.

                                        Mr. Lustig, whose expertise has been noted in BusinessWeek and
                                        Fortune Magazines, has thirty years experience in managing
multipl                              policy trusts, during which he serviced as a master consultant.

He is the author of two provisional patent applications, has lectured extensively to all sectors of the financial industry, and was an adjunct professor at NYU, Pace University, and was a guest lecturer at Brooklyn Law School.

Degrees and Certifications: CLU: American College; CFP: Adelphi University; BS in Economics: Adelphi University.

Memberships: Fiduciary and Investment Risk Association (FIRMA) , National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors ( NAIFA)

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