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What We Do

Overlay Insurance Portfolio Management, LLC is an independent consulting
firm that provides asset management decision support to trustees of trusts which contain
more than one insurance contract and require an additional management apparatus. 

Specialized decision support is needed because those that administer trusts comprised of more than one insurance contract, are faced with: greater risks, more compliance requirements, more complex and inefficient management processes, more difficult questions and more complex problems, and are less likely to deliver to expectations than those that administer trusts with only one policy.

We help ameliorate those additional risks, satisfy those additional compliance requirements, streamline those additional management processes, answer those more difficult questions, solve those more complex problems, and increase the likelihood of delivering to expectations- to better reduce risks and liability , and grow the business and revenue.

We make what you have work all together as one. sm

To learn how you too can benefit from our expertise and experience, please contact us.
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