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Intergenerational Wealth Preservation June 21, 2024
Insurance Portfolio Overlay Management
Israel M. Lustig, CLU CFP
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Intergenerational Wealth Preservation, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in supporting financial institutions and advisors that help very high net worth clients transfer wealth from generation to generation most efficiently, particularly those with unique and hard to value assets.

Intergenerational Wealth Preservation, Inc. has developed the first independent , rationalized, multi-disciplinary, and portfolio-level Life Insurance Policy Overlay Portfolio Management System for insurance trusts that are comprised of multiple policies or any trust that contains insurance holdings that are mandated to be managed "collectively," not individually, "as a whole” and not in isolation.

Intergenerational Wealth Preservation, Inc. uses a "total portfolio approach" to manage on a portfolio level , that ensures greater regulatory compliance (OCC 9 / FDIC / UPIA / UPMIFA / ERISA). It reduces the enterprise risk, makes the insurance portfolio management process easier and more efficient, and provides far more decision defensibility. As well, it increases the insurance portfolio’s efficiencies, performance and sustainability, while reducing costs and risks. Finally, it answers difficult questions, and solves complex problems that heretofore could not/would not be resolved.

  • makes the insurance portfolio management process faster, cheaper, easier and much more efficient
  • conserves business which might have been lost due to new laws
  • converts commoditized Trust Owned Life Insurance administration cost centers into differentiating enterprise-wide profit centers
  • solves complex problems that the current state-of-the-art (that the marketing organization transactional model can't or won't)
  • increases regulatory compliance (OCC 9/UPIA/UPMIFA/ERISA) and reduces both enterprise and portfolio risk

Overlay Insurance Portfolio Management uses breakthrough approaches that:

  • answer tough questions and solve complex problems that heretofore could or would not be resolved
  • increase efficiencies, performance and investment productivity, and reduce risk
  • manage insurance portfolios on an enterprise-level (not only on a silo or policy-by-policy level)

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